Visiting and Assisting Seniors
Arranging Jewish Burial and Kaddish

Elder Chai is an organization dedicated to assisting senior citizens with various types of help they might need. Elder Chai is run by a dedicated team of volunteers and staff who are eager to enhance the lives and ease the burdens of the senior citizens living in our community. Our services are offered to seniors living both locally – and nationwide – whether living at home, in an assisted living facility, or during a stay in the hospital.

This organization was founded by RABBI DANIEL ROKEACH who saw the need of senior citizens in his community and acted upon it, establishing and leading Elder Chai with care and devotion. A steady visitor to regional hospitals, Rabbi Rokeach noticed the helplessness of lonely seniors crying out for assistance, sometimes with requests as trivial as a drink of water that were not fulfilled by the busy hospital staff. He was repeatedly approached by Jewish seniors who had no children or nonreligious children, requesting that he ensure they be granted a Jewish funeral and burial and/or have Kaddish recited in their memory. Thus began Elder Chai’s primary goal: providing care for seniors of the Jewish community and arranging for proper Jewish burials.

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